The 33 Secrets to Succeed in MLM in 2020

33 tips to triumph in relationship marketing

To succeed in MLM, we need to get the good state of mind, the best techniques and it is necessary mostly to seek to improve daily.


When you start in MLM, you expect to win 10K$/month fast and easily. However, you see that after two month, you are around 200/300$/month and that for succeed in MLM, it is necessary to work harder than you can imagine.


So you try lots of different techniques :

  • you publish in Facebook groups
  • you talk about your MLM to your friends and your family
  • And you spam private message from members of groups on internet.

And there, you quickly realize that it does not really work, and that the results you get are quite .. mediocre.


So, in this article, you will discover, through 5 different domains, 33 secrets to succeed in MLM and explode all your results


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1 – Take a state of mind of winner

To succeed in relationship marketing, it is necessary to change your state of mind. To adopt one of a winner and someone ready to give everything! so let’s dive into the mind of an MLM expert now:


  1. Have this leadership side:

    To succeed in MLM, you must adopt a leadership behavior. In fact, you are going to be at the head of a team of several tens or even several hundred people. If you don’t have that leadership side, I can tell you right now that you will never succeed. Warning ! A leader’s mind is acquired. If you don’t have it today, it’s no excuse not to get started! Anyone can be a leader, so you can you too.
  2. Believe in these products and in society:

    A very important point in network marketing is of course the fact of believing in these products and in its MLM. If you do not believe in your society, you will continually change it because you see that you are not getting results quickly. Conversely, if you are motivated and more convinced by what you do, you will stay until you get there! If you want to succeed in MLM, it is important that you do not disperse. You have to be focused on a society, and that you give all your guts in it.

  3. Have a vision:

    I cannot show you enough the power of a vision. If you do not know where you are going, that you do not set clear and limpid objectives like rock water – at 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 5 years – you will waste your time unnecessarily. Conversely, if you set your bearings, you will succeed much faster than if you did not set anything at all! I therefore advise you, after reading this article, to take a paper and a pencil, to ask yourself an hour or two, and to set yourself the objectives to be reached, the stages which show that you have achieved them, and above all, how to reach them. In this way you will be able to break down your objectives, and it will be much easier for you!

  4. You are responsible for your successes, but also for your failures:

    You are responsible for everything that happens to you in your life. So if you do not succeed in your MLM, it is not the fault of your loved ones, society or even other inhabitants of the planet. If you cannot explode your results, you are solely responsible. Adopting a winning mind also means taking responsibility and constantly questioning yourself.

  5. Apprenez à apprendre des moments négatifs:

    This tip is very important, and if you want to succeed in MLM, I really advise you to keep it in the corner of your head. You are going to experience periods where you are going to take yourself rejection after rejection, you are going to start to despair and tell yourself that it is not for you. The negative phases are there to test you, and test your determination. So go against them and also apply trick 6

  6. Be persistent!

    If you want to succeed in relationship marketing, you have to be focused on your goals. Whatever happens, you have to keep on going and improving. For that, you must of course have a vision, and believe in your society! If you are persistent, there is no reason why it should not work for you. Just as Rome did not happen overnight, your success will not happen overnight. You must therefore be patient, and do not extinguish the inner fire that burns in you. 🙂

  7. Do not find excuses:

    No, no and no ! There is no excuse for developing your MLM. If you want to succeed in network marketing, you have to stop lying to yourself and find your excuses. « I don’t have time to sponsor, I have to do the shopping »; « You can’t understand yourself, you have no children and no job, so it’s much easier, I just can’t do it. » All these excuses only slow you down. If you really want to get there, then you will get there. If you just want to make excuses, then you can do it too! But in one case, it can bring you money and crazy experiences. And in the other, it can only slow you down. So if you want to succeed in MLM, you have to boycott these excuses to turn to solutions!

  8. Don’t quit your job:

    in Network Marketing, nothing is certain! If you start earning relatively large sums (2000-3000 € per month or more), you may be tempted to give up your work to focus on the MLM. Big mistake! You will never be safe if your team looses you, your company collapses or you encounter other problems. So advice, stay in your work, at least at the beginning. If later you see that it works relatively well, then there you can say goodbye boss! But don’t start taking the steps, it would be dangerous for you.

  9. Don’t be afraid to expose your results:

    As soon as you succeed in MLM, that you sponsor a new person, or that you start to generate income, above all, do not hesitate to expose your results. Not to brag, but to tell others it’s possible. If people see that you can do it, they’ll tell themselves that they can too. Whether on the networks or on your blog, show your results – with modesty of course – so as to influence others.

  10. Always train yourself!:

    Here is the point that I like the most, FORM YOURSELF! Through books, training, coaching, seminars … Invest in yourself to the fullest, and not only with free content! Am training in the theme of personal development, sales, influence, eloquence. Take speech lessons if you are not comfortable speaking, writing lessons if you make mistakes. Make sure you’re the best version of yourself to succeed in MLM! You have to be a model of success for the people you sponsor, and a model of success for the people you talk to. Spend thousands of euros on training and books and take action whenever you have the opportunity.

  11. Make self-feedbacks:

    I can assure you that this secret can change your whole existence. Whenever you do something, ask yourself what was good, and what you could have improved. If you do daily self-feedback on everything you do, you will improve yourself every day, and that’s great!

  12. Improve your eloquence:

    An essential point if you want to succeed in MLM is to improve your eloquence. The better you will express yourself, the more you will manage to sponsor. Let me repeat this to you: the better you express yourself, the more you will manage to sponsor. In relationship marketing, speaking is essential: meeting, telephone call, conference … With all the speaking you need to take, it is better for you that you shield your eloquence and your way of expressing yourself.

  13. Read books:

    If you want to improve yourself, both professionally and personally, you have every interest in reading books. Which books to read? I advise you those on personal development, finances, persuasion, influence and spirituality. The books contain knowledge which one cannot deprive oneself to succeed in life. Only people who read have important results in life. So a word of advice, if you want to succeed in MLM, read daily!


You must understand that everything will be played on your personality! If people love you and you have a winning mind, you will sponsor more than a negative person. Always remember that: positive people attract positive people to it; conversely, the negative people will always attract to them difficulties and problems..



To succeed in MLM, you must with excellent contact with people

Now let’s take a closer look at contact with others, how to present your network marketing, how to follow up with the person and how you should act in general with the people you talk to.

  1. Don’t say too much:

    Some people don’t know what an MLM is. Others think it’s a scam. Still others have plenty of ideas. When you present your MLM, you must not say too much, so as not to lose people. Say the minimum, and if they are interested, there you can say more, but always being clear.

  2. Be clear when you express yourself:

    If you talk about your company with explanations that go in all directions, you can be sure to lose the person! To be clear and effective, already mentally prepare what to say. It will save you from getting confused in front of her ^^

  3. Don’t force anyone:

    If the people you talk to are not interested, don’t force your hand, it is useless! It is not because for you your offer is great, that it is the case for everyone and that everyone is going to jump on it. If your MLM is in beauties products and you talk to Jean-Michel 54 years full of prejudices, you will certainly not be able to sponsor him to sell face creams. Even if you think it’s a crazy opportunity and it can change the life of the person, if it’s not part of these high values and his interests, it’s normal that he does not like it not too much: p

  4. Do personal branding:

    So what is it about? Personal branding is talking about you. We are beings of emotions and feelings, so if it has changed your life, express it clearly. We will always be more affected by someone who talks to us about him than by someone who talks about his society, and that’s normal. If for example you say: thanks to my MLM, I earn 2000 € / month, it will always have more impact than if you say: my company makes 2 billion per year. Why ? Because the person can easily identify with you. Be careful, however, not to talk only about yourself. Above all, talk a lot about your interlocutor ^^

  5. The people can do it! Prove it to him:

    Find times when the person has already recommended a product in their life that the person has purchased. By doing this, you will show that your interlocutor is quite capable of succeeding in MLM. That it is quite possible for them to manage to make sales or sponsorships. For example, ask her if she has already recommended a movie, book, or restaurant that the person bought or visited. If the answer is yes, that’s one more point for you! 🙂

  6. Have regular follow-up with your sponsorship:

    If you are sponsoring people, keep regular follow-ups with them, so you don’t leave them alone in the MLM jungle! People need to feel supported, so give them advice and help them as much as possible to achieve their goals. You can also offer them gifts.

  7. Brings maximum added value:

    In the subject of gifts, when you sponsor someone, offer them everything you can. Whether it’s free content, offer videos, articles, or paid content, offer books, training … The more value you bring to your contacts, the more they are likely to come to you and above all, to stay on your team 🙂

  8. Bring them maximum knowledge:

    If after all your reading you have become an expert in something, or you have knowledge that can be useful to your team members, go ahead and give it to them! Their success determines your success, so offers a maximum of knowledge that can help them achieve their goals. To be successful in MLM, you have to know how to be generous

  9. Either available 24H!

    Getting started in an MLM is not a part of rest. And if you’re not ready to sacrifice free time to invest in your network marketing, don’t even get started. You will have to be available as much as possible for your listening, that they can call you when they wish for advice, motivation or simply to express their doubt. In short, be the best godfather they can have

You are extremely important to your team. You will be the backbone of their success and yours in passing. So give your maximum, bring maximum value to everyone and you will see your results increase significantly, in addition to your happiness and the sustainability of your network.

Be present for society

To be successful in MLM, you need to be an expert in your company. For that, here are some tips:

  1. Participe in events:

    Events generally allow the bond between the teams and between the different members of a team to be strengthened even more. So if you want to triumph in network marketing, advice, participate in all events.

  2. Organizes events:

    If it’s in your strings, also organize events! If the people you are sponsoring are close to you, do business and reflection afternoons, where you will be able to boost their determination and bring them strategies that will allow them to maximize their results.

  3. Watch all zooms and conferences:

    A good way to be up to date at the company level, is to miss no zoom or videoconferences. If you can’t watch them directly, ask for the replay and watch it! It is important that you do not miss any information and that you keep up to date.


The more up to date you are, the more you will be able to advise your team and the people that you will subsequently recruit. Conversely, if you do not know the latest news, you can miss important information and miss sponsorship or sales, and lose credibility!

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Adopt automatic traffic sources

We will now go to a part that I love, sources of traffic in automatic! The sooner you apply the advice given in this part, the more important your results will be. You have to understand that if you want to succeed in your MLM, it is necessary for you to adopt these sources of traffic. This way, even when you sleep or eat, you can sponsor new people! The 3 traffic sources that I will present to you are to experiment for at least 3 to 4 months in a row to allow you to have results.

You have to know that if you can manage well and be diligent you can simply explode your results within your company. Simply because you can recruit for example 10 people each month and more without doing anything! It will still be necessary that you form the people that you will sponsor. The advantage is that they will come to you, not the other way around! And that makes a big difference in your success


  1. Blogging:

    Hold a blog or a website to allow you to sponsor automatically! Many people are looking for information on MLM on google (you can also see searches with Google AdWords). If you manage to position yourself well, this will be the jackpot for you. Blogging, contrary to popular belief, is not dead and can simply allow you to explode your results. Still it is worth training a maximum to allow you to make good articles and to allow you to write well.

  2. Instagram:

    A good technique for attracting people to you is also to use the power of Instagram. This social network has exploded on the rise in recent times, with more than a billion users. If you manage to create a beautiful page and master the secrets of Instagram, you will succeed even more in your MLM.

  3. YouTube:

    Videos are just what works these days. So if you want to increase your results in your network marketing, I really recommend that you put yourself on video. At first it will be uncomfortable for you, and you will also be ashamed of your videos. It’s normal ! Do not forget that you have to become the best version of yourself. If you become comfortable in front of a camera, it will mean that you will start to become comfortable speaking. And the more videos you make, the better, and the more successful you will be in relationship marketing.


These sources of traffic are essential if you want to thrive in MLM. It will be necessary at one time or another, to be able to sponsor automatically to allow you to automate the process. It will still maintain the relationship with people and help them a maximum, and again, that too you can automate.

For example, you can get an auto-responder, create paid training with your best techniques, and offer it to your team. In addition, this training will bring you money if you put it on sale on your networks. To create it, I advise you to use which is absolutely great for all that is creation of training, capture page, sales page, and it even includes an auto-responder assigned to the platform.



How do you attract people to you?

We have just seen extremely important sources of automation. However, these strategies are long term strategies, which will take time. It is therefore important to find short-term ways to attract people to you. So here are the last 4 tips in this article to help you succeed in your MLM


  1. Do not do paid advertising, except to highlight your content!

    If you plan to do paid advertising to recruit in your MLM, know that it is a very bad idea! You should know that MLM is relationship marketing. So you have to have contact with people, and attract them by advertising, it is not necessarily the ideal. Nevertheless, you can still do paid advertising to highlight your trainings, or even your blog posts.

  2. Make paid advertising to highlight your articles:

    Because your blog will take time to get referenced, it is important to do it ahead with paid advertising. If you write a well structured article with maximum value, for example with training to sell, don’t be afraid to advertise for a fee. It will be an extremely powerful lever!

  3. Advertise on Facebook and Instagram:

    The famous technique that everyone uses … but uses it badly. Posting to Facebook groups can be really interesting, as it won’t take you more than 10 minutes a day. However, if you just publish in « common » groups with hundreds of ads a day already, you’re going to drown in the crowd. A good tip if you want to use this powerful lever is to use gifs, because these attract attention and therefore offer you better results. Be careful not to use classic gifs but prefer gifs and videos of Gifing, which are intended for professionals to allow them to maximize their results by offering more visibility. So take a look at the Gifing platform if you want to achieve your goals in your MLM.

  4. Word of mouth:

    Know that if you are a friendly, attractive and intelligent person, word of mouth will be content to do a large part of your job! These are relationships and contacts the MLM. So a lot of the work will be done if the clients and the people on your team are happy with you.


Know that automation is necessary, since your MLM will take you a lot of time already, so if you’re working next door, it’ll be really long for you!

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Here are the 33 tips to succeed in MLM in 2020! The most important are all those on improving your behavior and your knowledge, those on contact with others and automation of your business!


I congratulate you for having arrived so far. It shows that you want to triumph in your relationship marketing, and it’s really commendable of you!


I’m a return taker, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you’ve managed to get results thanks to the secrets presented here 🙂

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