How to use gifs for grow up your business ?

How to utilize gifs in marketing

Gifs in marketing will be very necessary on the next decade : increase the engagement on the mail, do a best messenger bot, lower the cost per click of paying publicity, increase the reading rate of articles and do a viral content on social media.


So, we go to focus our attention on this five sectors on this article.


1 – How to use gifs in emailing ?

The first use of gifs is for the email. Indeed, use animated image on this one allows increase the reading rate and the engagement of people who read this mail.


Take for example the email campaign of Dell. On 2014, this society include one gif on their email, and the results are awesome :

  • 6% increase in open rate
  • 42% increase in click rate
  • 103% increase in conversion rate
  • 109% increase in revenue


Like you can see, gif power is incredible and allows grow up your revenue and your business !


How explicate this difference between common email, and email with gif ?


In my opinion, is because people doesn’t like to receive publicity email. So, when they open one, they close it without read it. But, when they open a mail with animated fun image or animated descriptive image, they are surprised and read it because it is new !


In general, no emotion are transcribes on email. So, if you add a fun gif, a unexpected gif, the minds of people switch from a moody state at a happiness state 🙂


The difference between you and the other people do all the difference on your finance results or/and on the engagement of your community !


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2 – How gifs can make better messenger bot ?

The messenger bot is often utilized by entrepreneurs, societies or agency to automate business and increase revenue too.


However, if the messenger bot is common and boring, majority of people close the window and will continue to scroll newsfeed.


So if you want sell formations, capture email addresses, give gift or bring your community on your website, you must have to use gifs on your bot to increase grow up your business 🙂


I have participated at a long messenger bot with gifs, and I staying until the end because it was funny and because I wanted to discover all gifs that he used. Results, I taking the gift that the man offered to me and he captured my email address.. Shit ! :p


Once again, if you make a comical messenger bot, people will stay : they are on the internet for entertainment


Positif point, the messages themselves doesn’t need to be funny if you use amusing gifs 🙂



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3 – Professionals gifs can lower the cost per click of paying publicity

Let’s talk now about publicity. If you use, on media, paying publicity, you should use professionals gifs on the platform Gifing.


Why ?


Because as proves these images, the cost per click decreases highly, allowing maximize your results all in bring down the cost total of your publicity.


 When I use, for my publicity, the gifs of Gifing :



When Anthony Nevo, the creator of Gifing use these own gifs



For the same price, you can do x2, x5, x10 on your results, and it is incredible if you want to propose formations or if you just want to put forward your business and your content.


Warning ! We use for increase the results of these publicity professionals gifs, specially create to catch attention and surprise people who see this content. You will probably not get the same reduction of cost per click with commun gifs.



4 – How to use gifs on my blog ?

If you have a blog or a website, you can use gif to increase the rate of reading of your articles.


What’s hell ! Why I don’t use that before read this article ?? Keep calm ! It is just because you didn’t see this tips on the other blog or other website.


So there is a double benefit to using gifs :

  • First, you will, you will stand out from the competition. The people who will go on your own website will find a difference with the other sites, and will be pleasantly surprised. This feeling will make you want reading your other articles, for 1) discover content, and 2) discover fun gifs. Remember, people are on internet for fun !
  • And, if you write a long article, gifs will allows to hold the attention and you will increase your rate of reading. And if you increase your rate of reading, you will be better referenced on Google. Jackpot !


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5 – Do a viral content 

What’s content is working on social medias and internet in general ?


Yes for sure ! The funny content, fast content and unexpected content ! So if you use gifs hilarious and surprising, your content will be share through Internet, and your society and your business will see these seals increase strongly !


For example, you sell clothes. What’s strategy will you give the best results ?

  1. use an image of clothes
  2. use a funny gif

Stratégie 1 :


   Strategy 2 :

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Naturally, the gif is much more viral than the simple image. It does not matter the domain of your society, you always can find gifs to grow up your visibility. For example, Gifing’s gifs covers all sectors :

  • ecology,
  • alimentation,
  • journey,
  • health,
  • money,
  • etc etc..


So, if you want to do the promotion of anyone of your products, you can choose gifs, edit them to put your logo, a sentence or no matter, and publish them on story, on your page, your Facebook wall, your website, or in any places who there is an audience. Guaranteed results ! 🙂


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In short

So, how to use gifs ? 5 different uses to grow up your business and stand out from the competition :

  1. In the e-mail, to increase the rate of conversion and your revenue
  2. In Facebook, to do a better messenger bot to encourage your audience to stay until the end (to get a gift or buy any products)
  3. Use them on paying publicity to maximize your money
  4. In your website or your blog in order to improve your rate of reading
  5. On Internet to do a viral content and for incite your audience at share your products


Don’t forget ! If you want a maximize of results, you need a professional gifs, and we can find them only on Gifing, a french platform create by Anthony Nevo.

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