Gifing, all about the affiliate program

Gifing, an incredible affiliate program

Are you already affiliated or just starting out? Discover the must affiliate program on this decennium!

Gifing could help you reach a significant milestone in your income.

Besides, if you have a little experience, you should have realized that:

  • You have to continually promote new offers to get by.
  • You have to look for new people to build a recurring income.
  • Finding good products is not always easy.
  • You touch peanuts at each sale!

Moreover, today the vast majority of affiliate programs have 3 main problems:

  • You are paid only once.
  • The founders have never done affiliation.
  • You don’t earn commissions if the person who discovered the product thanks to you also decides to promote it.


This is why, it is quite possible that you are struggling to find an offer that suits you and allows you to earn a decent living.



Before introducing you Gifing’s affiliate program, let’s take a closer look at the main issues you may encounter.

In this way, you can become aware of the power of Gifing, and thus explode your results, or even fire your boss!

The main problems encountered as an affiliate

You are paid only once

When a prospect goes through your affiliate link and buys, you are commissioned.

This is the basis of affiliation.

Now, you should know that the company has recovered the customer’s contact details.

This means that she can contact her again, to offer her other products and services.

And there you have it deep, to remain polite! Expression à changer

Indeed, generally you are not commissioned on future sales.

However, it is thanks to you that the customer discovered the company and placed an order …

Therefore, it is thanks to your hard work that the company was able to make a second or even a third sale!

Galling, isn’t it?

the must affiliate program


The founders never did affiliation

The vast majority of affiliate programs are created by people who have never done affiliation.

They created an affiliate program because it benefits them.

They get customers « without doing anything.”

But they were never affiliated.

And that is problematic because they think as a business and not as an affiliate.

These are two different reasons that have a colossal impact on the results that the company or you can have.


Affiliation on two levels is rare

Or second-tier affiliation is getting commissions on sales made by your affiliates.

For example, if I show you a product X and you buy it, I am commissioned.

This is the classic affiliation, the one you can find anywhere.

Now, if you really like the product and want to promote it, I am not commissioned.

This is what happens with the majority of affiliate programs.

Now when the affiliation is on two levels, like Gifing,

Not only do I get a commission on you if you order from the company, but I also earn something when you make a sale.


affiliate program


Gifing’s affiliate program

Now that you have been able to open your eyes (and that you are deeply depressed).

I’m coming to your rescue with a brand new affiliate platform, which will take you from:

« Bwahh … I galley … it’s hard … » to « Wow! My banker is calling me by my first name now! « 

This new platform was created by Anthony Nevo,

By the way, he’s a French entrepreneur who has more than 150,000 subscribers on YouTube.

He has been affiliated for many years and has successfully generated hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Suffice to say that he
has seen a thing or two, but above all, he acquired some expertise in this area.

So when it comes to setting up a new company, he naturally thinks of creating an affiliate program that he would have liked to have!



There is almost no virtual product today that can be sold worldwide without being translated.

While on Gifing, all products can be sold absolutely everywhere, no limits, no borders, no language barriers!

The goal they have is to put you in your hands, the most POWERFUL and COST-EFFECTIVE program you have ever seen!

  • Lifetime commissions on customers you bring.
    • If a customer registers by your link and places an order for 6 months, 1 year or more, you will receive your commission.
  • You are commissioned on 2 levels!
  • You can earn monthly commissions with the subscription that is in place.
  • 45% distribution to affiliates (30% direct commission and 15% on your second level)

In short, the design of the Gifing platform is designed for affiliation to allow you to obtain the maximum results.

So if you want to register, I invite you to click on the link below, it’s completely free!


affiliation program


What does the company offer?

Gifing is a royalty-free video and GIFs bank.

So of course, it’s not John Doe who is going to buy a GIF or a video.

But you know what?

That’s good, because it is not the target!

Rather, we target companies, marketing agencies or entrepreneurs who need content:

  • for their articles,
  • their emailing campaigns,
  • their advertisements,
  • their chatbot,
  • etc.

The advantage is that we know who to contact, making the job easier.

If you have any doubts about the interest of these people in purchasing a video, let me tell you about Shutterstock, the main competitor.

Although they are not positioned on the same content.

In 2018, they achieved a turnover of 623 million dollars, for a net profit of more than 54 million!



Obviously, on Gifing, these are not simple videos or simple GIFs that we can find everywhere.

They are designed to attract and retain attention!

So it’s perfect for helping companies stand out!


join gifing's affiliate program

How much do I earn per commission?

Currently, you have several ways to earn commissions:

  1. When a person takes out a subscription.
    • The subscription on Gifing is $ 99 per month.
      • This allows the person to obtain unlimited access. An offer that is therefore very attractive!
    • You are commissioned up to 30%. Which means you’ll get about $ 30 each month while she’s subscribed.
    • Note that if she breaks her subscription and resumes it several months later, you will also receive your commission. Once registered by your link, you earn commissions on each purchase she makes.
  2. When a person purchases a product.
    • Not everyone wants to take out a subscription. That’s why they can buy a unit video.
      • The videos are sold for $ 39.
      • The clips are sold for $ 29.
    • With a subscription, the person can download as many videos, GIFs and reverses as they wish.
      • You can see how beneficial it is for them to take out a monthly subscription!
    • You also get 30% commission.
  3. When a company orders a shoot from Gifing.
    • The platform offers companies to make personalized shoots according to their needs.
    • Currently, pricing is between $ 1,000 and over $ 50,000. Again, through affiliation, you can earn a commission on this sale.
    • On the other hand, the commission will be lower, we don’t have the figures yet, but it should turn between 5 and 10%.
  4. When one of your affiliates receives a commission.
    • Thanks to the second level of affiliation, you receive an additional 15% commission when one of your affiliates receives a commission.
    • For example, if a person takes a $ 99 subscription through your affiliate link, they get about $ 30 and you earn $ 15.
    • Also valid for unit purchases and personalized filming


affiliate program

How to promote Gifing as affiliate?

First, register with Gifing : click here to register.

Then you have several ways to promote Gifing:

  • If you have a blog, you can write articles and drag your link to it.
  • If you have contacts in marketing or know entrepreneurs or people who advertise on Facebook, you can also tell them about Gifing.
  • You can also directly call marketing agencies or contact entrepreneurs on the networks.
  • Of course, these are just a few ideas, the possibilities are many.

As you can see, this affiliate program is very interesting.

You can literally explode your results with Gifing, so go for it!

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